Celtic Sleeve done by Justin Nave of Sick Boys Ink in Chattanooga, TN.

Photo by me.

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The Matrix by Peter Stults

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Moonrise Kingdom by Sam Larson

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Teeth by Matt Dupuis

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Fandom: Harry Potter

“He tried committing arson to cheer himself up, burning down the owlery, with Cho Chang inside, but sadly, Madame Pompfrey was able to repair both. Quirrell thought that it was probably for the best; being a minority was punishment enough without being a burn victim as well.”

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Fan Fic: Winnie the Pooh: The Later Years

Text:Christopher Robin has a street name that strikes fear into the hearts of heartless bastards. Long story.”

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legally dead

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Samuel Arnold, convicted in a (failed) plot to kidnap Lincoln and hold him in an exchange for Confederate prisoners, photographed here in the same roundup as Lewis Powell.

While Powell was executed with the other conspirators, Arnold was sentenced to life in prison but was pardoned by Andrew Johnson four years later.

Why are most of Lincoln’s would-be assassins and kidnappers so sexy-looking? This guy is like a 19th century Billy Crudup! 

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The Prestige by Dee Choi

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