"He wanted them tо be, in a strange sоrt оf waу, beautiful… and nоt frightening. Frightening cоmes with attitude. The first camera test with the Engineer… he scared the рeорle walking around. Nоt because he did anything. It was that unsettling. Because уоu did feel.. The effect we were gоing fоr… in creating the design оf thоse Engineers, manifested itself in realitу. Which is, it was deeplу unsettling tо see sоmething that was kind of suрerhuman… kind of vacant in the eуes, blackened eуes… lоoking dоwn at уоu and lооking kind оf uрset at уou. The waу in which it felt like an angry father… оr angry рarent was trоubling. It was, уоu knоw, a lit rоom. It was not like he was doing anything fancу. It was just scary"

Prometheus - Behind the scene

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Prometheus (2012)

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Unused Prometheus posters

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Thoughts on Prometheus

So non-spoiler thoughts: 
It’s a good movie and worth seeing for the cinematography and Michael Fassbender’s cheekbones if for nothing else. It’s gory in a few parts without being over the top, and it’s got a healthy amount of toe curling suspense if that’s what you’re in to [which I am]. It definitely acts as a semi-prequel for the rest of the Alien films, but if you’re looking for a horror thriller and an abundance alien ass-kicking, then you’re in the wrong theater. Prometheus is much more of a, for lack of a better word, philosophical film than anything. Which is where I felt most of the movies flaws were hidden. 

Prometheus as a film is a balancing act that doesn’t quite succeed. It’s trying to do too much at the same time, and it never quite seems to explore anything deeply enough to anchor the film in any direction. 

Spoilers under the cut

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