Corrina Williams, Friday Night Lights
“I know. I know. Without football, there’s no scholarship, no pros, no big house for Mama. I don’t need no big house. Especially if I can’t come by it honest. I love watching you play football, Brian. You’re so beautiful out there. But sometimes, baby…Sometimes I just wish you didn’t have all this expectation on you. All this pressure. Sometimes I wish you could just be a kid.”
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Diane Kruger in Dior at the 2008 Venice Film Festival

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Favorite Madeline Kahn film quotes

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Gloria was quite clearly naked under the sheets, a first for a major studio film. According to the Herald Examiner, a negligee and lingerie manufacturers association took issue with Gloria, who, they said, not only sleeps in the raw, but thinks it “the better part of glamor to do so”. An impressive array of designers and columnists gave her harsh criticism, from Esther Dorothy’s “any woman who has ever owned a black nightgown knows that Miss Grahame is leading a lost cause,” to John Norman’s “even Eve recognized the decorative value of a fig leaf.” A bachelor designer named Brigance summed it up by saying, “I think the average man prefers the subtle. The veil, beautifully handled, is part of the allure.” Gloria snapped right back at them. “Who is talking about feminine allure or men? I sleep in the raw because it’s comfortable. Evolution has caught up with the nightgown manufacturers and they don’t want to admit it, that’s all.” A bevy of Hollywood stars, like Shelley Winters, Joan Caulfield, Lauren Bacall and Barbara Britton, came to her defense, but the two best responses came from Humphrey Bogart and Joan Davis. Bogart said, “Of course, there are people who wouldn’t look good either way. My considered opinion is that a nude is a beautiful thing, draped or undraped,” a comment squarely on the side of nothing.

—The Life of Gloria Grahame.

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Although she may have been one of the toughest women ever to work in a convent, ‘Black Mary’ had earned the respect and devotion of most of the residents of the pioneer community of Cascade, Montana, before she died in 1914. In fact, Mary Fields was widely beloved. She was admired and respected throughout the region for holding her own and living her own way in a world where the odds were stacked against her. In a time when African Americans and women of any race enjoyed little freedom anywhere in the world, Mary Fields enjoyed more freedom than most white men.

Fields dressed in the comfortable clothes of a man, including a wool cap and boots, and she wore a revolver strapped around her waist under her apron. At 200 pounds, she was said to be a match for any two men in Montana Territory. She had a standing bet that she could knock a man out with one punch, and she never lost a dime to anyone foolish enough to take her up on that bet. By order of the mayor, she was the only woman of reputable character in Cascade allowed to drink in the local bar, and while she enjoyed the privilege, she never drank to excess. She was often spotted smoking cigars in public, and she liked to argue politics with anyone.

wow the coolest person in history

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3/15Downey’s hair

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© Helmut Newton


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21/50 Favourites Photos of Jennifer Lawrence

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