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Bloopers season 3 (x)

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First season 3 stills of the Borgias! (X)

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Sweating our confessions / The undone and the divine / This is his body / This is his blood / Such selfish prayers / And I can’t get enough

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You must cry for me, for I have no more tears.

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Cesare Borgia's Nice Side, In a Scene

Lucrezia: Marry me.

Cesare: OMG. A thousand times yes. I have the bags packed. I think there are some laws against this or something, but we can wear wigs. And if you're really against that, we can straighten our hair. It's been so long since our perms have been relaxed that I honestly think no one would recognize us if we just went with that. I fashioned Giovanni a wagon-seat out of twigs and grass and a holy shroud or something. My plan: we live as fishmongers. Then we take over the village. Then we take over the city-state. Then Italy. Then: THE WORLD. And then we have a nice cottage by the sea.

Lucrezia: To Alfonso.

Cesare: Yes. I... knew that.

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Rodrigo ‘All The Fucks Given’ Borgia

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-A sad day to lose a brother, is it not, Cesare?

-Indeed. I wonder how the sun even dares to shine.


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