Infinite Crisis » Poison Ivy

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Joseph Gilgun as The Joker

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and finally, here is the print/key art i made for the Wonder Woman premium format statue by Sideshow Collectables.

you can view details about it here

it’ll be available for preorder on the 13th.

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Josh Stewart as Barsad in the Dark Knight Rises

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Hero or villain? by Luis Quiles 

Artist blog / deviantart / via bluedogeyes

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And the final products! Some Gotham City Sirens relevant to my painting process, and also prints available in the future!

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I wanted to talk. About what happened.

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We’re seeking justice, how can that ever be a mistake?

AU MEME : A Dark Knight never rises 

Catharsis never comes for Bruce Wayne when he shoots and kills his parent’s murderer in a Gotham courtroom. Instead he finds himself at the center of a media circus and the trial of a century. Found to have been driven temporarily insane by the trauma of facing his parent’s killer Bruce escapes custody and flees back to the League before he can be hospitalized. Having shed blood he is now a full member and reluctant heir to Ra’s Al Ghul. Living in exile with Bane and hungry to reclaim her old position, Talia soon returns with her followers to the League to investigate this new heir for herself.  Meanwhile, in the absence of a silent guardian an underground society of vigilante justice forms to push against the wave of corruption and violence sweeping Gotham. 

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SupermanThe d r e a m always begins the same.
“My parents taught me to side with justice. I came from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of other men. I’m known as a hero, an inspiration, a champion. It’s been a good life.”

Batman: The n i g h t m a r e always begins the same.
My parents killer was never brought to justice. I cloak myself in the very shadows the gunman used to hide his face from me. I’m known as an urban myth, a frightening creature, the bogeyman. It’s not a life I’d wish on anyone.”

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Batman Noir- Batman by bumhand

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