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this could be us but u a video game character

Doesn’t that make YOU the one that’s playin

Shit. shit. It was ME playin all along. Dammit

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An Affair To Remember, if you haven’t seen it, is a movie about Deborah Kerr’s fabulous collection of furs and fall-colored floaty gowns, and also about Cary Grant’s expensive Italian leather tan. What I learned from this movie is that if you ever have to travel to France by ocean liner, be sure you bring plenty of formal wear and at least 1 satin dressing gown you wouldn’t mind being photographed in. Also, be careful around cabs in midtown Manhattan and hang on to useful ex-boyfriends, but those go without saying, I think.
— I wrote a Lily a long, disjointed letter today (via downlookingup)

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What Lot’s Wife Would Have Said (If She Wasn’t A Pillar of Salt)


Do you remember when we met
in Gomorrah? When you were still beardless,
and I would oil my hair in the lamp light before seeing
you, when we were young, and blushed with youth
like bruised fruit. Did we care then
what our neighbors did
in the dark?

When our first daughter was born
on the River Jordan, when our second
cracked her pink head from my body
like a promise, did we worry
what our friends might be
doing with their tongues?

What new crevices they found
to lick love into or strange flesh
to push pleasure from, when we
called them Sodomites then,
all we meant by it
was neighbor.

When the angels told us to run
from the city, I went with you,
but even the angels knew
that women always look back.
Let me describe for you, Lot,
what your city looked like burning
since you never turned around to see it.

Sulfur ran its sticky fingers over the skin
of our countrymen. It smelled like burning hair
and rancid eggs. I watched as our friends pulled
chunks of brimstone from their faces. Is any form
of loving this indecent?

Cover your eyes tight,
husband, until you see stars, convince
yourself you are looking at Heaven.

Because any man weak enough to hide his eyes while his neighbors
are punished for the way they love deserves a vengeful god.

I would say these things to you now, Lot,
but an ocean has dried itself on my tongue.
So instead I will stand here, while my body blows itself
grain by grain back over the Land of Canaan.
I will stand here
and I will watch you

By Karen Finneyfrock

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The family worth fighting for.

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he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner)
every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)

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You’re like my brother.
You don’t have a brother.

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he trapped

the dark lord has returned to hogwarts



he trapped

the dark lord has returned to hogwarts

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If you can say Schwarzenegger, you can say Esparza

- Raúl Esparza on idiots who kept pressuring him to change his name to something less latino. (via magnetic-rose)

Our names are not a burden.

(via zombieflorence)

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Steve and Bucky

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My wife, Naomi, the Duchess of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. A former model and Miller Lite girl. Yeah. She was the one with my cock in her mouth in the Ferrari, so put your dick back in your pants.

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the light before we land by sandara

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get to know me meme: 
[2/8] favorite celebrities: sebastian stan

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